About Us

About Us

Tech Reps, Inc.

Technology solutions provider


Tech Reps was formed by Neil J. Feldhacker to participate in the growth of the information technology industry.  The development and expansion of cloud computing, server virtualization, IP, e-commerce, smart phones,  IoT devices,  have flooded the IT industry with new technology and new products.

Businesses in every industry are looking for the competitive edge to forecast, engineer, and develop product more efficiently. They are also striving to communicate faster and more effectively within their organization and with their customers and partners as well.  As one of those partners, we share, and help in the realization of that vision. 


The mission of Tech Reps Corporation is to be the selling agent between manufacturer and customers.  We will provide quality professional services and innovative solutions for our customers. With our experience, territory knowledge, and commitment we will accomplish our number one objective.  Introduce new products and grow market share for our manufactures.   

We want the customers to view Tech Reps as an extension of the manufacturer’s marketing sales force.  Most importantly, we will establish the trust of our customers and manufacturers through our honesty, integrity, and diligence.

Company Overview

The legal name of Tech Reps is “Tech Reps, Inc.” The business is an S—Corporation under the laws of the state of Nebraska.  Tech Reps was formed in 1999.  Tech Reps is a manufacturers’ representative firm for the advanced technology manufacturers. 

Tech Reps Company Profile