Tech Reps, Inc.

Technology solutions provider

Infrastructure cabling - Physical Layer Products

Copper Cat 3, 5e, 6, and 6A jacks, panels, and jumper cords

Fiber OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OS2 fiber, enclosures, jumpers, pigtails, and connectors

premise cabinets, racks, wallmounts, colocation, datacenter cabinets, and liquid cooling

cabinet accessories, shelves, slide outs, fans, and PDUs

Vertical and horizontal copper and fiber management products

Raceway, poke throughs, floor boxes, plenum and riser innerduct,

Cable tray systems, solar tray systems, tools, test equipment, and training to install it all.


Security Products

Security camera systems including cameras, storage, VMS, cabling, and other accessories

Access control systems including locks, readers, cabling, and other accessories

IP intercom systems

CCTV systems and components

Fire alarm cabling and paging system cabling

Biometric readers and tools and training to install it all.

Sound Masking

Mass Notification

Shot Detection Systems


OSP Products

HDPE pipe, armored products, vaults, hand holes, and pull boxes

OSP fiber and copper products

Fiber splicing products, above and below grade enclosures

OSP cabinets, and vaults


Electrical Products

Under raised floor flexible power systems, cable tray systems,  floor boxes, and poke throughs,

Metal and plastic UL listed raceway

Sensors, switches, electrical devices, and computer room flooring

Pull tape, cable lube, cable placing equipment,

UPS, Surge equipment, and electrical condition products





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Real Estate


City Government