Distributor, Contractor, IT Department, Engineering Firm

Tech Reps, Inc.

Technology solutions provider


Tech Reps is a manufacture rep firm marketing technology products.  Tech Reps educates and markets the following type of products:


Security Products

Video management systems,  security cameras, access control, intercom systems, POE switches, video storage, cabling products, UPS, PDU, lightening and surge protection 


Infrastructure Products

End to end Copper and fiber cabling solution, cable supports systems, cable management, rack and cabinets, PDU, UPS, POE Switches, lightening and surge protection, OSP products, HDPE pipe.  


Tech Reps is not your design firm or contractor, but we can help you select one.   We work with the most experienced and qualified engineering firms and contractors on a daily basis.  We would consult with you to find a good fit for your company based on the size, industry, and vision of your company.


Tech Reps will also demo, budget, or train you on our technology solutions.

If you have questions we have solutions.   Give us a call to see how we can help. 


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